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George (Michael) + Generous = Joy (guest post)

Today’s guest blogger and guest photographer is the lovely and talented Cheryl Nichols.

Review , George Michael, Verizon Center, 7/29/08, by Cheryl Nichols
I saw George Michael on Tuesday night at the Verizon Center in Washington DC.  He had as much, if not more, energy that night as he did when I saw him 20 years ago!  I saw GM my freshman year of college at the Tacoma Dome in the 2nd row on the side of the stage.  For fun I pulled out my scrapbook to dig out my ticket stub.  I saw GM on 9/23/1988 in the 2nd row for $20!!!!!  This time the Ticketmaster “Unservice” charges were more than my ticket 20 years ago.

The show was fantastic.  I bought a single ticket (couldn’t convince Dave to join me) on craigslist at face value and couldn’t have been happier with my seat.  I was EYE LEVEL with George!

"I remember you - 2nd row, Tacoma Dome, 1988, right?  You look great!

Hi Cheryl of the 2nd row, Tacoma Dome, 1988!

I could have been on the floor, but am very happy with my decision with the 5th row on the side of the stage.  GM was constantly coming over to my side of the stage.  He was about 25 ft away from me at times.  Incredible.

He looked fabulous and sounded great.  GM’s voice was definitely in good form, although he eschewed the high notes, letting the eager audience (attempt to) hit them instead.

And he can still SHAKE THOSE HIPS!  He was a dancing machine!  He didn’t stop moving on the fast songs and sat down in a chair on a couple of the slow songs.

The stage and lights were incredible and it was like we were in a dance club. By the end of the night, I felt like I had been to aerobics.  🙂  Everyone was dancing and had a great time. Read the rest of this entry »

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WASH / WORDS = Niche

While this blog has covered a lot of topics (go to the upper right corner search box and search for just about anything if ya don’t believe me), I’m trying to REIN IN.

Focusing is tough when you’re as (unofficially) ADD as me but I’m learning formally (oh, btw you MUST check out the 30 Day Challenge, if you have ANY interest in internet marketing or the internet or marketing or…) and informally, focus is key. (Oh look! Bright shiny objects! Hmm, this is gonna be tougher than I thought.)

Anywho, this blog needs to start being about something. So I started thinking … what did I want it to be about – what do I care about, think others care about and think I have something to say about?

And then I remembered: Oh yah! Washington DC (Wash) and Writing (Words). Thus, the new new sidebars (look to the right of this post for the blue side-by-side boxes labelled “WASH” and “WORDS.” They’ll be changing each day with relevant posts from each subject area I’m following/reading and enjoying. Read the rest of this entry »

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Orange line, overheard or “We have another 10 weeks of this?”

Yes, this is an actual conversation I heard on the Orange Line towards New Carrolton. Ah, Washington in the summer… bring on the interns and the summer associates. Some towns have sports talk. We have this (transcribed as closely as I could write on the back of an Express newspaper from my nearby seat)

Obvious summer associate 1 (let’s call him L1): The Harvard girl… how old is she?

L2 (yep, another one. I know, in DC. What are the odds?): 30 something.


L2: She took some time off. [me and L1, thinking, “ahh. that explains it.”

L2: To work for the Cheneys.

L1: What??

L2: She took some time off, to work for the Cheneys.

L1 (and me):     !

L2 repeats again.

L1: Really?

L2: Yes. On a Project.

L1: (smirking) which was…. Read the rest of this entry »

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