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Haiku Friday: Ms. Fix it

Haiku Friday

This week Haiku Friday is also Flashback Friday – ahh verizon.

Fios down again
son of a blankety blank
freakity freak freak

Tee Vee should just work
and yet, plug, unplug, rehook
splitter, wire, cord

No lights on the dash
so it’s deep breath in and call
three calls later: mike

He doesn’t hang up
or transfer me to wireless
We chat. for… hours

And when it turns out,
it was me not them, this time
I’m not proud, people

yah, forgot to check
other tv splitter? split
oops: my bad, this time.

still, verizon: one
me: twenty seven billion
but mike? he’s allight

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Top 10 Tech Things You NEED

Okay, so maybe there’s 12. Or 13. But man alive, there’s a lot of cool stuff out there on the Interweb. (and a few non-web goodies thrown in for good measure too). Oh, and first of all, you are using firefox, right? Umm go get it. And you know that you can use tabs to open multiple sites at a time right? And you know that you can simply drag any one of them there tabs right up to your “bookmarks toolbar” where it’s there ready and waiting for you to click, click, click away. Oh boy, we have a lot to cover.

Full disclosure, this is mostly for my fellow blogger buds out there, but, in my typical style not wonkish enough for those of you who REALLY know anything about technology. Still stick around. I’m learning something everyday in this brave new world. Hope you will too!

In no particular order,some of the cooool things I’m using: Read the rest of this entry »

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twitter me this, del.icio.us me that, washwords is … confused

In The Declining Value Of Redundant News Content On The Web – Publishing 2.0 Scott Karp examines the media Oversatura-plosion-ama that is the Interweb.

Microsoft withdrawing its offer to buy Yahoo is a sufficiently large story to demonstrate the problem of redundant news content on the web. Google News is currently tracking about 2,000 versions of this story. To get a better sense of why it’s a problem to have 2,000 stories about the SAME THING, I’ve reproduced about ten percent of them below — just the headlines and ledes. If you have the stomach to scroll through them all to see what else I have to say about it, check out the sources as you scroll:

This scroll (go check it out; we’ll wait) went on and on … and … It didn’t even count the blogs that repeated the same story or the multiple versions of each one, or editions or…

Conserve paper? Conserve time! and brain cells!

I find I’m facing a similar conundrum with “social media tools.” For someone (me) who once considered going to library school, and has been a lifelong researcher/journalist and social scientist (especially the Read the rest of this entry »

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