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Testing 1 2 3 or Just start, redeux

Starting with an apology has begun to become cliche and,for this blog anyway, just redundant.

But I am. Sorry for anyone who hung on, hoping I might return and to those who stumbled here accidentally and got…nothing. Blank sky , white wash.

But mostly, I am sorry to me, myself for stopping. My fellow writer pal (one of many I’ve never met but have known in some deeper place from long ago) expressed the hunger, exquisitely.
It hurts me not to write. Not (just ;)) in some tortured “oh woe is the Writer ” way. No I mean something much much more basic. It hurts my head, spinning muddled banalities. It hurts my heart, opening all the wrong doors to familiar ghosts — blues and lows that sink and sludge. It hurts my stomach, gurgling the junk food of laziness of mind and body.

I know this. And yet I don’t or easily forget anyway. I can’t take back the forgetting.

All I can do is start. Again.

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Haiku Friday: Relief

Haiku Friday

“full is not heavy”
presentation done
head opening, body melts
i heave relief. deep.

mind hits heart hits core
comfort,done tires, too, but
full is not heavy

Buddhist class teaches
anger is your creation
yours to stop then, too

You can’t purify
old hurts that pull from merit
’til you stop the now.

baby steps can be
quite rocky, and yet they are
the most important

for more Washwords’ (and friends) haikus see Haiku You

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The first day of the rest….

Twas brilling.

That’s what I think of whenever I think of new: beginnings, burstings, brillings.

And we are at one. A precipice, a change, a moment. Yes, I’m politically biased in this: “my guy won.” And yet, not really. I wasn’t sure up to the moments before the primary and though I saw a lot to like in Obama, something pulled me back again and again to Hillary; I was late to the Obama party. What I see now is about something more, true, real hope. And pride. And it is something I haven’t seen for so so long.

What do others think? Well, wow, they’re telling us: from the rooftops, or the modern-day equivalent anyway – twitter, facebook, email, IM.

CNN had something they called “the moment”: I envisioned a collection of moments – what singular moment defined this experience for you – good/ bad/ funny/ poignant? That’s not what CNN meant – theirs turned out to be some weird microsofty photo thingie. cool, but … eh? I liked my idea better, so here it is… here’s what a few people said was their moment, their “elevator story” as journalists like to say, some of them I know, some I don’t, but I want to hear them all. (Yes, even if you don’t agree in what I feel was the true spirit of the day.) What are yours?

“By the dawn’s early light”: Photo by KW

  • A friend of a friend, one of several lovely people I’ve “met” emailing about Obama since before the election says: I still cannot believe that my we have THIS. I am amazed
  • Volunteering Friend: It was freezing, it was disorganized. And it was wonderful.
  • Dear Obamaniac Writer Friend: Ok. I scored a ticket at the last minute (the night before) and set out alone to to make it to the “Orange Section,” just to the right of the Capitol, and ran into crowds so huge I really thought I wouldn’t make it. Read the rest of this entry »

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