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Freedom From Face(book)

Given the ennui I’d been feeling, the cabin fever (I mean a week in the cabin, great,  but that 9th or 10th day starts hurting….), I could see it starting.  I was on a superslick luge track to gold medal snarkery.

Sure, I was proud. I mean this is what I trained for, right? My years apprenticing at the snarktory, my nights by the fire practicing my craft. Don’t get me wrong. I was up for it. I know my abilities to sear veins with vitriol, microsurgery to the heart of the heart. (Oh, did I mention? Scorpio! In my soul.)

And plus, I was Right. About every. single. thing. Every Facebook argument anyone implied (by breathing, coughing, not breathing, not coughing) they wanted to have.  And I was ready to battle.  Think  Lost is the world’s best TV show;  blue your favorite color, Beyonce, the world’s best singer??  Uh, no. Incorrect. FAIL. You suck. Lemme tell you why. In 27 points.

Think you know the most about snowflakes, government shut downs, politics, movies. You don’t.

I do. And I can’t bear to let you think so for a minute. Why? Because you’re wrong. WRONG!!!

But the thing was all this rightness wasn’t making me less blue, nor less tired, nor more proud. It was just making me mean. and tired. and empty.

I sat watching the scrolling letters of facebook / twitter/ blog feeds / email/ texts… I felt my teeth clench, knuckles tighten into a ball, eyes strain and bluegray washing over all the very rightness and joy and success I thought I’d been wanting to celebrate.

And suddenly, rising over the foggy, snarky, venomous place, Read the rest of this entry »

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Instant. Message

Sorry for the delay.  There’s been a lot going on!

ta da! here's washwords

ta da! here's washwords

BTW: stop yer complainin. You just saw washwords (till I take it down. the interweb is a scary place.)

And speaking of the interweb…it IS a crazy place, and mostly not in a scary, but just in a fascinating way.  And nowhere did I see this more than in sharing my very good news.

In 1997, if you became engaged, you called people you wanted to know. Those people usually asked who they should/could tell and the word spread to exactly those people. I think I did send a few emails to the friends of friends. My email address was v01269b3x7@.  I’d heard of cell phones. Old people and wealthy people had them in their cars. Sometimes.

In 2008, when you tell the world you’re engaged, you TELL THE WORLD. At once.  Meaning my long-lost elementary school playmates found out about the same time as my bestest DC bud’s hubby, my former Read the rest of this entry »

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5 old news tips to make a new blog sing

I had the thrill of guest blogging over at Blogging Basics 101, where I have learned so much . This was my way of beginning to return the favor. I recommend checking out the site if you have ANY interest in blogging, writing, or reading anything on the Interweb. Meanwhile, read some of what I posted there, here (then go there for more links, tips, and to join the conversation.)


In journalism (and other forms of storytelling), the rule is simple: content is king.

Crazily enough, in this social media Web 2.0 world, what I’m learning is that everything old is new again. Tips and teachings from editors past and a journalistic life past keep coming back around, finding their way into my blog writing, much to my surprise. And I’m not the only one who’s noticed.

Because despite all the widgets, and chicklets, in the blogosphere, content is (still) king.

But there’s content and there’s CONTENT. So how do you make your blog content sing? Consider these five tips on Web 2.0 blog content from a hard-copy world gone by and yet, still very much alive in this blogger’s heart.

1.) Be content-centered. Remember, content is king. Yes getting hits and Google Page Ranks are important. So is making a design that sells and branding yourself. That will come. Focus on producing Read the rest of this entry »

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