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If you blog it, will they come?

From my guest post on the fabulously on-topic, helpful and well-done Sharp Words

So you’ve built your blog – whether for fun, for profit or “just because” — but is anyone reading it? Consider these 5 steps to bring not only readers (hits) but returning, interested, active readers to your blog time and again.

Note that is a 101 course – I’m still learning myself (and may come back when I know more) – and it is meant to help you bring readers to your blog, not necessarily to sell a product or market another service through your blog. While these tips should apply to bloggers at any level, they may be of most use to those looking to maximize their blogs on a hosted service (wordpress.com or blogger.com) for example or those new to the world of self-hosting.

Step 1: Umm, what is this blog about? Determine the purpose of your blog in 10 words or less. Duh, right? But many people (cough! cough! Me, Washwords, until a month or so ago) haven’t taken the time to answer the basic “what is this blog about?” if you don’t know, how can your readers know and how will they know if they want to stick around or post comments or subscribe? Read the rest of this entry »

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