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X365: Micro-essays (on not-micro people)

Micro-essays Five through Ten of my 35/365 project.

What’s 35/365 or x365? See here.

5/365 Ben: Two years old. At bedtime, under your covers, after stories, after water and teethbrushing for you and your brother, you tell me, “but I still have words to say.” I remember this 20 years later.

6/365:”Yellow-Line Friend, 2005″ He won’t be coming to the airport, so I take the train through the winter morning, 2005. I can’t stop crying. You hand me a tissue and say it will get better. I believe you.

7/365: Mr. Marusa: In fifth grade, I wonder if I can become an author when I grow up. You say I have talent, and (NOT “but”) that the future is up to me. Thank you for the “and.”

8/365: Joserra: “Do you know of a band, the J. Giles Band? I think that this is most excellent American band, don’t you??” My Basque country hiking guide, you coached me well, guiding me in laughing again.

9/365 Roald Dahl: In Europe, when I was six, we devoured your books. “Danny, the Champion…” Dad read in our Dutch apartment, “James and the Giant Peach,” waiting for the ferry. They were funny and smart and home.

10/365: Matt: You say “You just don’t know how much I need you.”  But I do.
Your need is mine for your strong arms, laughing storytelling, and warm, pure heart enveloping mine. Thank you for finding me.

See here for the complete set as it evolves: http://washwords.com/words/35×365

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Found form: Sounds of the city, 7:20 a.m. and p.m.

Photo: “Dc Art Walk 10” by “bullneck” on flickr

7:20 a.m.

Clickity clickity. fwip. fwip.


“Hola Amigo, que tal? A que hora? Que?”

“And then like I was telling him and he said… wait, what? no that’s what I’m saying.”

Click click click. Meep meep. Whaa wah whaaa wah waaaah wah.

“Hello? Margaret? Yah, there’s a problem with the bus, so I’m just going now. Yeah. I’m walking. I’ll be there soon. But listen can you Read the rest of this entry »

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35*365 starts today

I came across this fascinating blog/concept today: x365 . The idea, like most great ones, is elegant in its simplicity: write about a person who has touched your life in ways big or small, every day for a year. Because the founder of this idea, Dan Waber, was so inspired on his 40th birthday, he decided to add a further caveat: each day’s description of a person who’d touched his life would be 40 words long.

I am “only” 35, so I’ll be cutting a few words. I’m also not sure I won’t write a few posts a day and then none on a different day, but I’m committed to the concept. So… here goes…. Find my 35*365 here.

And find Dan’s original 40*365 and the many many people who are doing it, too, go to x365 or read his Read the rest of this entry »

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