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Unsilencing the Silence through Words

My amazingly talented “bloggy friend” (one of many, wow you people are amazing) Maggie Dammit is deciding to use her talent for good. She’s using her writing, to help those who may feel they’ve lost their voices, are afraid to raise them loudly enough, speak out. She has created

Violence UnSilenced and I’ll let her tell you more herself:

The day I announced I’d be starting a domestic violence blog, I signed up for two Google alerts. Any time the words “domestic violence” and “murder suicide” appeared in the national news, I wanted to know about it. At the time I wasn’t exactly sure what this new blog would be, and I thought the alerts would be a good start, a practical way to stay up to date on blogworthy news items. I thought it would give me ideas. I expected a handful of emails and a truckful of inspiration.

But from day one my inbox was bombarded. In fact, I was so overwhelmingly inundated by domestic violence and sexual assault related emails that I had to cancel the alerts to preserve my sanity. I’m not gonna lie; I felt very discouraged and small. I felt like this was a mistake. I knew this was a huge issue, but I’d never really looked at the Read the rest of this entry »

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