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Wonderful words on the Web: Wordwebbing.com

What’s the best way to become a better writer? Read, read, read, and then read some more. So it follows that to become a better Web writer, blogger, etc., you should read writing for the Web. And there is so much good out there, from folks who consider themselves writers and sometimes most wonderfully from those who don’t!

So I’m starting something new (enabled and encouraged by Zemanta’s new “reblog” service): I’ll be posting quotes and snippets from some of my favorite reads d’jour.

Starting… now. Some beautiful (if painful) writing I’m finding today comes from Wordwebbing.com:

with her journal on JS, and her “Wierd World” columns (she always knew how the deliberate misspelling of “weird” drove me crazy, heh) i know anytime i want to visit, i can. to me, that’s the true gift of blogging — and no one will ever know how grateful i am i have that of her, and that other people do, too.WordWebbing.com, Aug 2008

Read more of her.

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