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99 things (some of them might be luftballoons)

Continuing on the “want to write? read” theme, I’ve been visiting so many fabulous blogs lately, found in all sorts of ways. Besides my google-reader picks on WASH and WORDS and all my buddies in my blog roll (to the far right), I find all kinds of ways to find the goodies:

  • the blogs your friends and fellow bloggers share,
  • the blogs commenters on the blogs you love write,
  • blogs on formal “affiliate” or bloglinking programs such as entrecard (see the small box to the far right, above “drop here” featuring another blog on washington or writing I like – today’s is “West of Mars” or “Through Sky’s Eyes”),
  • and formal advertising programs such as blogher’s, underneath which are listed a few posts of note from within their network.I’ve been fortunate enough to have been listed there a few times and picked up a few new readers there; I’ve been even more fortunate to have found so many great posts such as dreamergirl’s “the loss of things”.

I get ideas from my brothers and sisters in blog. I get inspiration and amazement and joy from the pure eloquence of their stories, large and small. I get laughs from some of the funniest people I’ve never met.  I get laughs through tears (my favorite emotion as they say in Steel Magnolias) from some dear friends I’ve admired since meeting but been amazed anew that they have turned out to be among the most talented writers I’ve ever read.

And sometimes I just get fun ideas worth a whirl. A la this one  99 Things | KirstenL4W

Here’s one that’s going around the interwebs lately.

Things you’ve already done: bold
Things you want to do: italicize
Things you haven’t done and don’t want to – leave in plain font

1. started your own blog (well, duh, right?)
2. slept under the stars (hugs, Ame, my lovely lovely friend)
3. played in a band
4. visited Hawaii
5. watched a meteor shower Read the rest of this entry »

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