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Authenticity — a matter of faith

In continuing to review some old-school lessons (want to write? READ) I’m trying something new with the blog here and again…. excerpting some of what I’m reading RIGHT now – and sharing the thoughts/discussions/arguments/emotions these writers have spurred in me.

Today, I am thinking about authenticity, thanks to Suburban Turmoil,  who discusses the reaction to her meeting up and befriending a slightly more …. traditionally Christian blogger and fellow parenting-blog award-winner, Angie.  While many of Angie’s readers were positive, Suburban is careful to stress, there were others….

Suburban Turmoil: “Christian”

They were bothered by the profanity on my blog. One mentioned my “immodest picture.” And there was more:
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Giving Away the Word Store

I just finished reading The 10 Major Newspapers That Will Either Fold or Go Digital Next – TIME.

Sigh. Time isn’t missing the irony that I read this on its Web site. It linked me here  –How to Save Your Newspaper – TIME — next, in double irony, a story about, among other things, the danger of hyperlink to the print-based world of yore.

Why does it matter? Aren’t I the exact example of someone who consumes news/info/WORDS online and loves it – quicker, faster, sleeker? Yes.

And yet…

I will NEVER buy a Kindle. Nev. er.

I hate the idea of them (sorry amazon), the idea of not being able to pick up my dad’s college copy of Emerson when I study Transcendalists in college, reading and writing over, around, and alongside the notes he took. Handing off my favorite childhood book to a new kid friend. In the same way, I would never advise fellow writers or readers to edit anything be it a two line blog post or a dissertation online only. You must read the printed word. Outloud preferably.

In the above article, Isaacson mentions, that actually the problem is not readers.

There is, however, a striking and somewhat odd fact about this crisis. Newspapers have more readers than ever. Their content, as well as that of newsmagazines and other producers of traditional journalism, is more popular than ever — even (in fact, especially) among young people.

The problem is that fewer of these consumers are paying. Instead, news organizations are merrily giving away their news.

Giving. It. Away.

Why does it matter, to me, personally? Sure, because I have friends hurt directly and friends of friends. And more, because I love this former profession, still vocation, deep in my heart and my soul.

Maybe you do, too. Maybe you don’t.

The tension between the business and the news of journalism has always existed. But, in its simplest form, you can’t have one without the other. This online addict will be resubscribing to some of my favorite publications in the next few days. Just don’t use my checks to create newspaper kindles… please?

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3/365: Nancy

I’m working on my version of the x365 challenge started by Dan Waber on his 40th birthday: write 40 words (no more, no less) every day for a year. I’ve varied it slightly – I’m 35 so I’m writing 35 words. I may not write one per day but I love the concept and will try to honor it. Starting now. You can find the complete list here. I’m going to attempt to include at least a few of the items as separate posts to keep it on your radar, in the hopes that you’ll do it too

3/365 Nancy: You wore jeans, walked daily to midtown from downtown, made me earn your smile, held my feet to the fire, taught me that phrase. Major newsweekly internship advisor? No way. You were a goddess.

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