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“And there was no one left to speak for me”

So, there was this protest  in my fair city this weekend. “Against what? What are they so angry about?” asked a doe-eyed college kid on the metro “Everything,” replied my love. “Ask a different one, get a different answer.” “Oh,” said the student, playing with her “peaceful co-existence” button.

At first I was annoyed – I planned to head to the Martin Luther King library book sale, the nearby arts festival and perhaps the last day of Shakespeare free for all that day. Then I decided… nah, I should go. Besides those locations – books, MLK, arts – probably pretty safe.

The Metro (a partially subsidized by the GOVERNMENT) ride was packed. I counted one person of color on the train, up the stairs at metro center, across the click clack of those familiar octagon tiles. There were flags (Nazi, Confederate, U.S., the colors and meanings layered together.) There were pictures of Obama with Hitler’s moustache, with nooses around his neck. There were mis-spelled and innacurate signs about facism and socialism and big government being handed to children with giggles.

Others saw it too and the reports started flowing in…The Smithsonian (also Read the rest of this entry »

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Haiku Friday: Suckitude

Haiku Friday

Suckitude happens
and today,though, not to me,
mommystory, ow

Lucky am I, now
I see, a government job
never seemed so good

Let alone the friends,
my love, my home, a week off
to dream, plan, love, chill

feel better, hurting friends
see the sun peek under cloud
feel the breeze of shade

the healing happens
sometimes, just when suckitude
rages most wild, breathe

hang in, breathe again,
and let the suckitude suck
right out of your heart

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No time to write? Try 60 second doses.

Okay, so usually I’ve been told, have benefitted from, and would recommend 60 MINUTE doses (or at least 10 minutes). Still, there’s something to even shorter spurts for kicking up ideas even when you’re feeling none.

And the lovely site, the One-Minute Writer, makes it easy, complete with a timer to track the seconds for you.

I tried this one Today’s Writing Prompt: Walls but the whole site is wonderful. And speaking of wonderful, so is the WordPress plug-in scrippets





This box holds my lovely heart.


The box is lovely. It is red and glass and catches the light. It is safe.


But the heart is inside. Inside is the rich, warm, fleshy love.


Careful. You have to be careful. You’ll break it without the box


It’s only the box that could break. It’s the box that is made of glass,threatening shards of red and glass that prickle and stab that heart.


Not if you don’t move it. Ever. Never ever open or adjust it.


If you don’t move it, it cannot breathe and it will die.


Still. Safe.


And dead.

What walls do I want to knock down?

The jagged glass ones that seduce and appeal and dazzle and, on occasion, choke my heart.

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