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Washwords, you just won the superbowl!

Okay, not really. ( The Pittsburgh Steelers won (yay! congrats soupy meg and other steeler nation peeps!)

You know the ad. “Big Ben, you just won the super bowl, whaddaya gonna do now?”

And Big Ben (or insert winning quarterback here) says “I’m going to Disneyworld!!! Tm”

So I didn’t win the superbowl and I’m not going to Disneyworld, but stay with me… it’s a metaphor.

Cause the thing is, I kinda DID win the superbowl, in that I’m looking around and I see that I have Read the rest of this entry »

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Deadsville, USA : DC in August

So, it is summer in the district. Despite all my verrry exciting news and the fun of telling everyone, it is August… in Washington D.C…. in a federal government agency.

It is deadsville, U S of A.

[Photo by “Garden Apartment” on flickr.]

While quiet can be nice, really nice, it can also be … quiet.
Very. quiet.
So. quiet. that I… am. starting. to. drifffffttttt.

Like a snowbank:
smooth, serene and sleepy.

Sure, blame it on the grey carpets, grey walls, empty hallways, lack of boss-like figures but is there something else going on?

I have loottssss of work to do and can’t seem to do anything besides think weddingy thoughts, watch olympics and literally stare into space. a happy stare into space, a deep deep calm, slumbery smiley stare into space.

I think I know what it is. Like how I used to get sick right after finals every semester, or how you go home and take a longgg nap after finally finishing that project. I think I have been stressing and fretting and relationshipping for so so long before meeting my love that now that I can rest my body is really ready to REST.

And rest I am, body, mind and soul in this blissy spacey sleepy place i am not too familiar with. maybe it’s happy?

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I’m off to mom-a-palooza with my maternal grandma and aunt, my mom, my sister, and my baby niece. My poor lucky duck of a brother-in-law gets to come, too.

In honor of mother’s day, today’s momisms is a kinder/gentler momisms. Check it out!

and here’s a sneak preview: Momism of the day comes from Baby E (my niece): Mamamagmagmmamamamamamamamaammamamamama! ma!!

True, more enthusiastic words were never spoken (and nope we don’t care a bit if she also calls her dad ma, and sometimes pronounces ma as “ba” we get the idea – in short, “I love you mom!

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