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Verizon: update.

So, Verizon, beloved trusty vendor, with your fab customer support, (aHEM, that’s sarcasm, see: here), when I wrote for the new set-top box, and I asked “so EVERYTHING I need is in the box?”


And member how you were all “MMM hmm, yup, it’s all in the box and it’s super easy.”

And I was dubious, having dealt with you before and you took that opportunity to tell me a parable about how everything in the world could seem complicated but in verizon-land, life is great, the sun shines all day and night, and high-speed everything sails through the air straight into happy customers’ hearts?


Well, I’m just saying, by EVERYthing in the box, I meant INCLUDING the “additional coaxial cable” page one of your instructions tipped me off to needing.

Looking forward to learning what else is not included.



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The Good, The Bad, and the Purple

[Read to the end for a tearjerking video on this one: our better angels, from the sea of purplegate.]

It was a glorious day, a hopeful day, a chilly day, and alas, for many, a teary day and “not for the reasons” they’d hoped. So explains my pal, Alison, one of the infamous “Purplegaters” – trapped after a walk of 10 miles, realizing: she was about to miss it.

For those who haven’t heard – estimates are climbing to about 5,000 of folks in the much coveted inaugural purple, orange, and blue ticket sections (to watch the swearing in)  were unable to get in, some despite arriving before dawn, many after walks of hours and treks for days to see this moment. The Washington Post, (and here, if you want your heart broken) covered it, cnn covered it, Foreign Policy had it facebook has a group or twelve (the 3rd street tunnel seemed to be particularly “doomfilled” for many.)

But here’s a snippet from my friend, who was there, after watching on tv in union station, without sound:

My own journey began this morning before sunrise when we set out from Arlington, VA, wearing many layers and braving temperatures in the teens down past the Iwo Jima Read the rest of this entry »

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