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Haiku Friday: Ms. Fix it

Haiku Friday

This week Haiku Friday is also Flashback Friday – ahh verizon.

Fios down again
son of a blankety blank
freakity freak freak

Tee Vee should just work
and yet, plug, unplug, rehook
splitter, wire, cord

No lights on the dash
so it’s deep breath in and call
three calls later: mike

He doesn’t hang up
or transfer me to wireless
We chat. for… hours

And when it turns out,
it was me not them, this time
I’m not proud, people

yah, forgot to check
other tv splitter? split
oops: my bad, this time.

still, verizon: one
me: twenty seven billion
but mike? he’s allight

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Verizon: update.

So, Verizon, beloved trusty vendor, with your fab customer support, (aHEM, that’s sarcasm, see: here), when I wrote for the new set-top box, and I asked “so EVERYTHING I need is in the box?”


And member how you were all “MMM hmm, yup, it’s all in the box and it’s super easy.”

And I was dubious, having dealt with you before and you took that opportunity to tell me a parable about how everything in the world could seem complicated but in verizon-land, life is great, the sun shines all day and night, and high-speed everything sails through the air straight into happy customers’ hearts?


Well, I’m just saying, by EVERYthing in the box, I meant INCLUDING the “additional coaxial cable” page one of your instructions tipped me off to needing.

Looking forward to learning what else is not included.



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