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My politics? Anti-manipulation, anti-word-abuse

UPDATE: well whaddya know? The offending site has closed registration. hmmmm, cause that convinces me the posters were legit.

As a former journalist, and current federal government employee (for an organization respected for its non-partisan nature), I generally keep my politics to myself and I definitely try to keep them off the blog. It’s one of the reasons I’ve kept this blog quasi-anonymous. [1. I think of my blog as one-way anonymous. kinda. If you know me in real life (IRL) you know this blog is mine, but if you come to washwords, you probably don’t know who I am, or at least you have to work a little to find it.] Probably the closest I’ve come to politcal posting is linking to other folks’ political posts or maybe my  convention haikus.

But one thing (okay two things)  I do feel free to rant about: 1) word abuse and/or 2) people who use words to try to manipulate. (See, for example, “Toxic”.[2. Toxic told me within minutes of my joining a work organization that certain people were “toxic.” Not only was this a neon site that the toxicity lay within the toxic-citer (it did) but it told me she didn’t respect or think very much of me to presume that I was so blindly trust her take and cruel words at face value.]

And when I hear people calling Sarah Palin a feminist or a choice for the Hillary-supporters, I feel angry, politicized. When I see folks, my SISTERS and fellow women (presumably) [3. It IS the interweb – so who knows how many of these peeps are real/unique users/female/Hillary supporters, etc,. etc.]  writing pages and pages and PAGES of vitriol anti-obama and pro “lady VP at all costs, yay!” I feel sad. Really sad. Read the rest of this entry »

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Get Out of SATC card prompts ranting on why this show’s final episode succccked

John Kass’s free “Get out of SATC card” for men in the Chicago Tribune reminded me of my many, many, many rants on this show. (And yes, John, I’m a young(ish) female reader.)

As a woman, and a woman who sure watched some of the episodes, had a chuckle or two, I too can see the insipidness of this show. Another thing, it’s about the LEAST feminist female-empowering thing on the planet.
I could write a book (some have I’m sure) but among my SATC gripes… the last episode! Seriously! are you bonkers? here’s what it told me and other young women…

Carrie: I love love love the city, the city will be my man! Writing will be my love!

Carrie (five minutes later): Eh, screw my writing career, I’m moving to Paris to be a ballet dancer’s wife.

Carrie (another five minutes later): What?? Leave my life? no way. Grrrrl power. I’m going back to nyc where I belong! The city is my love

Carrie (yet ANOTHER five minutes later): What? Big getting out of a limo. Carry me away Prince Charming! Yayayaya. I don’t have to be a writer or pretend the city is my love anymore. I’ve gotta man. see ya bee-atches!

Hmmph. To me, this is a little like the feeling I had when showing up on “35 and single by choice” (or something like that’s) website to be greeted with “Surprise! This web site has taken a turn! I’m pregnant with twins, married, and quit my job! Yay!”

Stay tuned. Next week (just to drive up traffic) I plan to riff on the five million (or so) kids’ books that are better than Harry Potter. Yep, prepare your angry lashbacks now!

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