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I get the Express every day, folded in gloved hand, the Ballston guy hands in syncopated rhythm, “hello, beautiful;thank you darlin, here you go hon,” fwip, fwip, fwip, the papers fly hand to hand to hand. “thank you sir,” I say. every day. in harmony with the clipping shoes, spreading umbrellas, buttoning coats.

[“Stormy Personalities” by Fu Man Jew on flickr]

I take out my metrocard in one hand, folded paper in the other, pull out pen, and begin.

I might flip through the paper – if there’s a picture of the president or news that’s not alarming or mundane, but quickly i get to it: the crossword.

I like the feel of blue marker ink spreading over newsprint, letters into squares, into clues, into words until the grid is complete. I try to do them by the time I reach the office, and definitely by the time I reach home.

Then I send it to recycle bin and wait for morning to begin. again.

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Hey, I made (Washpost) Express!

Washy makes Washpost Express !  [Edit: I forgot to mention a big washwords shout-out to bloggy pal Liz of What Liz Said. Here I was doing the crossword, reading my horoscope ON THE VERY NEXT PAGE!!!, completely missing that I, Washwords, had achieved interweb and print fame! Above the fold! (and sumo wrestlers or something!), page 28 of the better of the two throw-away morning commuter papers. Right after the classifieds! But before celebrity news and the crossword! Wow. I’ve hit the B I G T I M E.

Liz was kind enough to let me know, messaging “hey, guess who made Express today?”.

Me: You, again? Grumble.

Her: Smile.

Me: clickity click over there… hey, it’s me!!! ME! (then promptly commenced sending e-bulletins to everyone I’ve ever known. I’m shy like that. and modest, too.)

» “I LOVE THAT THEY survived doing what they do — the simplicity of half-smokes and chili — and doing it well for 50 years. “

Washwords.com was moved to tears while attending the 50th anniversary celebration of Ben’s Chili Bowl, adding, “the scene there was just so nice. Really, truly nice.”

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