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Inspiration Express

I promise to stop with the Obamarama…. soon. Not quite yet.

Today, what made me cry, watching the Obama Express whistlestop tour’s stop in Baltimore:

people clapping and yelling for the Pledge of Allegiance. The PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE.

I mean first of all, they knew and recited the words en masse, with feeling, unprompted.

Maybe (probably) I’m overly pollyanna about this but … to me it says, people are proud to be American again. And for some, it’s been a really really long time.

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Nice sometimes means nice: Ben’s 50th

So yesterday, after work, I decided to just take the green line home to stop at Ben’s and pay my respects for their 50th anniversary Ben’s Chili Bowl Celebrates Fifty Years With Three Free Events This Week! « Capital Spice.

Granted, it was a beautiful summer night, I’m a bit emotional (even for me), in love, and generally happy and seeing the good in the world.

But the scene there made me teary. A happy teary. Because the scene there was just so nice. Really truly nice. The nice that’s not an insult.

[Photo on flickr by “Jim Darling”Ben’s Chili Bowl 50th Anniversary on Flickr]

Whether it was the rocking music, “We’ve got the funk….” the diverse line streaming down the sunny U street, the cheery smiles, the infamous sign: “Who eats free at Ben’s? Bill Cosby. And NO ONE else,” I was moved. Moved to tears. The man in front of me said “I’ve been here since waaaay back in the day.” I told him I hadn’t been but I love the stories. I love that they survived doing what they do – the simplicity of half smokes and chili – and doing it well for 50 years.

I love that they made it, that they kept on keeping on through the painful days, the ugly days in our history and DC’s history. I love that they love what they do, and have stood for justice and freedom and equality without preaching, without anger or vitriol or indignation (even when they had a right to!).

I love the half smokes and that my friend took me there as a must-see when I first was single in the city, newly divorced, hurting and lost and new to everything again. And Ben’s was home, my new home. And now as I prepare to leave the city in a few months, it is comforting to me to know that things will remain the same. Here’s to you Ben’s – I hope to be there for your 100th!

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I haven’t been writing as much lately. Yes, I’ve been busy with work and work and work. Yes, I’ve been trying to learn about some other facets of the internet to grow my blog and make it better, perhaps even profitable.

But also, I’ve been blue. Deep, beautiful, aquamarine blue, in my core. Read the rest of this entry »

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