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Haiku Friday: Remembering

Haiku Friday

i remember you
and the laughs, learning, stretching
i didn’t count then.

smell of hotel, but
I now lived there, two whole days
on nine-eleven.

I don’t remember
how or why i left… and stayed
gone, away, alone.

I only knew: go.
blue hits brown bark , feet concrete
sorry paled, I know.

thought i broke the world
that day. steel spokes, dusty hearts —
that concrete block of ache.

split we must. perhaps.
weren’t ready or able then.
new loves get those selves.

still… sorry i am
pale though it does, i cling. might
you remember me?

for more Washwords’ (and friends) haikus see Haiku You. Sorry all for the long hiatus… I will try to be back more regularly and more cheerily than these hearbreakingly beautiful September days have me today.

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