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Outing Myself II

Oops, I did it again.

So, last night at my coop board meeting, I asked an innocent question related to of our house rules and our rights and responsibilities as owners. No biggie, totally normal and within the realm of reasonable happenings at a coop board meeting. Right? Right.

Except…. the question I asked was “So, what are the rules about subletting again, as in, can we?” and this is a building of 300 people, 300 people who I went through the grueling coop conversion process with; 300 people who include several friends, one ex-bf and his newlywed wife, also a friend; 300 people who I argued with and against on message boards and meetings over several years.
So, the meeting was barely over when…
“So…. what’s going on?”
“Where are you going? Why are you leaving?”
“What’s happening!!!???”

The truth is that my boyfriend and I have been talking, t a l k i n g, about the future. A future where we might be together… more… permanently. Given that he has dogs and other suburban responsibilities, my beeaaaautttious coop is out for us, so…

I hadn’t realized asking would mean I’d now opened myself to investigation, congratulations, advice and even this gem “So… you’re not sure it would be permanent. Subletting not selling?” I think that friend was kidding. I think.

Lesson learned. Even when you’re anonymous, you’re not. Even when you’re You in Real Life, there are things folks don’t know about you. Till you tell them. Publicly. Oops

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Occam’s Razor reversed: or how to make something simple complicated

I am continually trying to clean up / clear out / streamline my beautifully renovated Dupont Circle Coop.

To that end a few MONTHS ago, I posted a note on my apartment message board that I was selling a bunch of furniture.

Someone inquired about an old camping table I was selling. Originally purchased for about $50, I was offering it for $15.

camping tableThe conversation on said $50-reduced-to-$15, used once, snap-together table went like this:

Washy: I’ll be home after 6, apt. #12345 – I was asking $15 but it’s negotiable. I also have an ikea coffee table!

Tablebuyer: I’ll tell one of my sons to stop by.

How much was the table new?

Washy: Actually, I just looked it up and saw it for $58. I paid a little less than that I think, but do think it was close to $50 – so bargain! glad you inquired. Read the rest of this entry »

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