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If it’s Friday, it must be WASHington.

As faithful readers will know, this blog is (trying to be) about two things: Wash (ington, D.C.) and words (particularly in written form).

But what you may not know is that even my alt. persona (Washwords) has a second job! (so that’s like my second cousin, once removed). Anyway, each Thursday night, I busily and happily have the pleasure of scouring any and all blogs written by those in the DC area or about the DC area, as contributing editor for the wonderful dcblogs.

At 12:01 every Friday morning, those blogs hit the interweb. This week they’re right here. and now, and from every friday henceforth (heh. yah. henceforce) they’re also here, literally, here on washwords.

Lazy? You betcha. but I have my reasons. Why not introduce the fine people of Washwords to DCBlogs and vise versa? For people who like reading about Washington, DC… both are great finds.

But what if you want MORE? Regular DC posts each Friday (or everyday even, now that you’re hooked on DC blogs) – what if you want to know what DC posts I like EVERY day? Who could blame you? Or maybe you’re wondering, hey, Washwords, what writing blogs do you read and find interesting? See, I knew you were thinking that. Fear not, they’re all right here, too.

Simply scroll down and look to your right. See the boxes with the headings WASH and WORDS? Clickity click there on your favorite sounding post in the box or just click here for DC posts or here for writing posts and presto, you see some of my latest fave postings on these topics. Happy reading. And please, let me know what I’m missing – on either subject- that I should be reading.

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Wash in the World

I know you think I don’t get out much, cause, mmm, I don’t get out much. And I know I’m all secret about myself, who the heckily am I? I have my reasons.

But I’m coming out of the bloggy closet. No, not like that (not that there’s anything wrong with that.) I’m just… making my way out there in the blogosphere, guest blogging and blog-editing at some very fine places I’m honored to be a part of.

In the coming days and weeks, I’ll be revealing the woman behind the washwords (I know – who can stand the excitement???) to my subscribers. Subscribers only. Click here for a feed reader  version (google reader, i google, bloglines) or here to get it right in your in box any of the “subscribe here” links to the right. (Sorry mom, this is gonna be not so exciting for you. You already know me. I’ll make it up to you.)

In the meantime, check out where else I’m appearing (and why my blog posts here have been dwindling a bit):

Blogging Basics 101: Content Is King
Check out my guest post on writing good blog content (using tips from my past journalistic life). Then stay and investigate the rest of this tres useful blog, with tons of plain-English tips on blogging in a friendly, fun style.

DCBlogs » DC Blogs Noted
I’m thrilled to be recently named one of DCBlogs’ contributing editors. The above is my most recent collection of noteworthy DC blogs around town. But likewise, read all the blogs and feed there and please send your feed to the fine folks at dc blogs. Know something wonderful I’m missing? If you’re my bloggy pal, hold tight. You’re on my radar, just didn’t want to overwhelm DCblogs with all my friends’ talent outta the gate – wouldn’t be fair! If you’re new (to me), please please please, send me your link. I subscribe to all / any dc area blogs I can find. (yep, virginny and md. count too), search regularly for topics of local interest. I know all the editors are committed to featuring noteworthy contributions from bloggers with different perspectives, experiences, worldviews etc etc. Let us know! And please, comment, link, share the good things you find there. A community is building and it is exciting!

Not in DC? Still worth your while in my humble opinion. If you like good writing anywho.

Thanks for bearing with me while I do some maintenance around washwords. We’ll be back better than ever more regularly in a jif.

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