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sometimes my blog writes itself

work sends emails that make me laugh out loud sometimes all the time. What follows is today’s but for those who don’t like to read, here’s the bottom line: 1) the email we sent you ISN’T SPAM. DON’T DELETE IT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. and 2) (ha ha ha ha, that this is point 2,) : the infomation in said EMAIL THAT YOU ARE NOT TO DELETE is incorrect. please disregard it until further notice.

Here it is (and nope, I’m not even sayin what’s wrong with the grammar/spelling/syntax/plain English here (but hint: subject/verb agreement) :

In this week’s <newsletter>, we announced that our travel agency, z, would be sending you a pin number to access your Traveler’s Profile. Unfortunately, their parent company sent the email under their name, x, rather than under y, z, or p. This resulted in employees thinking they had received spam. These emails are not spam, they are bona fide emails from y that contain your pin number and password. Please do not destroy them.

On a separate note [me: HA HA HA], we have discovered that the passwords and pin numbers are not working and are we are working to resolve the issue. Please do not try to use them until p can fix the problem. In next week’s <newsletter>. we will announce when you will be able to access your profile using the pin number and password that were emailed to you. Please keep a copy of these emails for future reference.

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Occam’s Razor reversed: or how to make something simple complicated

I am continually trying to clean up / clear out / streamline my beautifully renovated Dupont Circle Coop.

To that end a few MONTHS ago, I posted a note on my apartment message board that I was selling a bunch of furniture.

Someone inquired about an old camping table I was selling. Originally purchased for about $50, I was offering it for $15.

camping tableThe conversation on said $50-reduced-to-$15, used once, snap-together table went like this:

Washy: I’ll be home after 6, apt. #12345 – I was asking $15 but it’s negotiable. I also have an ikea coffee table!

Tablebuyer: I’ll tell one of my sons to stop by.

How much was the table new?

Washy: Actually, I just looked it up and saw it for $58. I paid a little less than that I think, but do think it was close to $50 – so bargain! glad you inquired. Read the rest of this entry »

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