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If it’s Friday, it must be WASHington.

As faithful readers will know, this blog is (trying to be) about two things: Wash (ington, D.C.) and words (particularly in written form).

But what you may not know is that even my alt. persona (Washwords) has a second job! (so that’s like my second cousin, once removed). Anyway, each Thursday night, I busily and happily have the pleasure of scouring any and all blogs written by those in the DC area or about the DC area, as contributing editor for the wonderful dcblogs.

At 12:01 every Friday morning, those blogs hit the interweb. This week they’re right here. and now, and from every friday henceforth (heh. yah. henceforce) they’re also here, literally, here on washwords.

Lazy? You betcha. but I have my reasons. Why not introduce the fine people of Washwords to DCBlogs and vise versa? For people who like reading about Washington, DC… both are great finds.

But what if you want MORE? Regular DC posts each Friday (or everyday even, now that you’re hooked on DC blogs) – what if you want to know what DC posts I like EVERY day? Who could blame you? Or maybe you’re wondering, hey, Washwords, what writing blogs do you read and find interesting? See, I knew you were thinking that. Fear not, they’re all right here, too.

Simply scroll down and look to your right. See the boxes with the headings WASH and WORDS? Clickity click there on your favorite sounding post in the box or just click here for DC posts or here for writing posts and presto, you see some of my latest fave postings on these topics. Happy reading. And please, let me know what I’m missing – on either subject- that I should be reading.

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Wonderful words on the Web: Wordwebbing.com

What’s the best way to become a better writer? Read, read, read, and then read some more. So it follows that to become a better Web writer, blogger, etc., you should read writing for the Web. And there is so much good out there, from folks who consider themselves writers and sometimes most wonderfully from those who don’t!

So I’m starting something new (enabled and encouraged by Zemanta’s new “reblog” service): I’ll be posting quotes and snippets from some of my favorite reads d’jour.

Starting… now. Some beautiful (if painful) writing I’m finding today comes from Wordwebbing.com:

with her journal on JS, and her “Wierd World” columns (she always knew how the deliberate misspelling of “weird” drove me crazy, heh) i know anytime i want to visit, i can. to me, that’s the true gift of blogging — and no one will ever know how grateful i am i have that of her, and that other people do, too.WordWebbing.com, Aug 2008

Read more of her.

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5 old news tips to make a new blog sing

I had the thrill of guest blogging over at Blogging Basics 101, where I have learned so much . This was my way of beginning to return the favor. I recommend checking out the site if you have ANY interest in blogging, writing, or reading anything on the Interweb. Meanwhile, read some of what I posted there, here (then go there for more links, tips, and to join the conversation.)


In journalism (and other forms of storytelling), the rule is simple: content is king.

Crazily enough, in this social media Web 2.0 world, what I’m learning is that everything old is new again. Tips and teachings from editors past and a journalistic life past keep coming back around, finding their way into my blog writing, much to my surprise. And I’m not the only one who’s noticed.

Because despite all the widgets, and chicklets, in the blogosphere, content is (still) king.

But there’s content and there’s CONTENT. So how do you make your blog content sing? Consider these five tips on Web 2.0 blog content from a hard-copy world gone by and yet, still very much alive in this blogger’s heart.

1.) Be content-centered. Remember, content is king. Yes getting hits and Google Page Ranks are important. So is making a design that sells and branding yourself. That will come. Focus on producing Read the rest of this entry »

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