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(Almost)Wordless Weds.: A very special blossom

Sometimes, even when (especially when?) I’m exhausted, work-overloaded, multi-tasking, dreaming in a million different directions, I am just struck by the sheer beauty around me.

Washington in the springtime (and the fall, and DEFINITELY Xmas, and heck even summer… sometimes… in the evenings) is just mesmerizing beautiful, in a way that cannot fail to fill one’s heart with joy, however fleeting.

[Photo by KGM on Flickr]

In fact, it’s my favorite type of awe – the one that is found among the ordinary. A journalism professor teaching a class to a group of high school journalists in “summer camp” (yah, I was that kid) told a group of us part of the role of the journalist is to “make the ordinary extraordinary.” Life can do that sometimes.

Question/Thought/ Prompt: What are the moments / sights/ experiences that turn ordinary into extraordinary for you? That cheer you from gloom, inspire or afflict you?  Post a comment and/or write /show me on your blog (just be sure to come back and tell me about it.)

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Haiku Friday: Staycation love

Haiku Friday

We have colds, chores, tasks
sniffling snow, chugging juice
and we are giddy

Sometimes the best trip
is no trip at all, rather
you, me, woofs, crossword

We shop ikea,
hit DMV, mall, grocery
and laugh, how we laugh

I feel lucky and
you say, “not lucky, right” We
are right, we are right

(mwah “some guy named me”)

for more Washwords’ (and friends) haikus see Haiku You

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What a difference a week (will) make

My love meets me on the Hill after a Saturday class. In the mist of four o clock and the salt of margaritas, he takes my mittened hand and we walk.

Around the Capitol. Literally around it. From the House buildings on the south, walking north but into the park, along the east front. The yellow warm of the lights hitting the moon-colored marble columns. It’s breathtaking. Truly, deeply, breathtaking. I had forgotten how much so. and like, as an intern here so many summers ago, I feel lucky.

[“The U.S. Capitol at Night” on Flickr by DoYouMindtheGap]

Lucky, not only for the obvious, living in this country, in comfort and prosperity, having friends and family and hope and heart… but the littler things, too. Living HERE, in D.C., where a class is held at the Library of Congress, Read the rest of this entry »

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