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Freedom From Face(book)

Given the ennui I’d been feeling, the cabin fever (I mean a week in the cabin, great,  but that 9th or 10th day starts hurting….), I could see it starting.  I was on a superslick luge track to gold medal snarkery.

Sure, I was proud. I mean this is what I trained for, right? My years apprenticing at the snarktory, my nights by the fire practicing my craft. Don’t get me wrong. I was up for it. I know my abilities to sear veins with vitriol, microsurgery to the heart of the heart. (Oh, did I mention? Scorpio! In my soul.)

And plus, I was Right. About every. single. thing. Every Facebook argument anyone implied (by breathing, coughing, not breathing, not coughing) they wanted to have.  And I was ready to battle.  Think  Lost is the world’s best TV show;  blue your favorite color, Beyonce, the world’s best singer??  Uh, no. Incorrect. FAIL. You suck. Lemme tell you why. In 27 points.

Think you know the most about snowflakes, government shut downs, politics, movies. You don’t.

I do. And I can’t bear to let you think so for a minute. Why? Because you’re wrong. WRONG!!!

But the thing was all this rightness wasn’t making me less blue, nor less tired, nor more proud. It was just making me mean. and tired. and empty.

I sat watching the scrolling letters of facebook / twitter/ blog feeds / email/ texts… I felt my teeth clench, knuckles tighten into a ball, eyes strain and bluegray washing over all the very rightness and joy and success I thought I’d been wanting to celebrate.

And suddenly, rising over the foggy, snarky, venomous place, Read the rest of this entry »

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Haiku Friday: Relief

Haiku Friday

“full is not heavy”
presentation done
head opening, body melts
i heave relief. deep.

mind hits heart hits core
comfort,done tires, too, but
full is not heavy

Buddhist class teaches
anger is your creation
yours to stop then, too

You can’t purify
old hurts that pull from merit
’til you stop the now.

baby steps can be
quite rocky, and yet they are
the most important

for more Washwords’ (and friends) haikus see Haiku You

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Back in the Blog Life (again)

Oh, Hai (sorry reading lots of Lolcatz lately). Anywho, remember me?

So I’ve been on unapproved blog leave of absence lately. I’m sorry.

There’s a lot of excuses I could give – good ones! Really! I got engaged (and celebrated by fab pals!) I had visitors. I’m exploring interweb advertising and other commercial ventures. I’ve been sick. A moose ate my bloggy post.

But the truth is… I’ve been too mad and sad to blog. Too mad to blog? Whaaa? Blogs are for mad, right? Too sad to blog? Like that’s ever stopped me (ahh, that reminds me I really do need to post Washwords and the Single Parents Mingle Adventure! yee haw). Too scared? Well surely my bloggy friends could help.

But I’ve been struggling with this one – being scared, and mad and sad about… politics. My entire career(s) (whether as a journalist or a “govvie”) have trained me to be apolitical, non-partisan, non-personal. But now…things are changing. The political IS the personal (take abortion, feminism, religion… to name a few issues in both categories) and the stakes are higher (google “Sarah Palin and Jews for Jesus” or “equal pay for equal work, McCain” or “Sarah Palin, “I’d be AGAINST (thanks mom, for editorial correction!)  abortion even in cases of rape, even if it was my daughter” or creationism in schools or… wow, there are too many to go on, if you’re not sure this election matters.) Read the rest of this entry »

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