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January 29, 2009:

but first these messages…

so it’s been way too long, but here I am, reminded to be grateful for small graces but yet finding peers in my desire not to be saccharine or pollyanna. Thanks to a fave blog from long ago, and her adoption of the “grace in small things” challenge from a blog about to become a new favorite, here I am, ready to resume snark v. lark once more.


  • the swish swish of blue white snow
  • writing and writing friends
  • making dinner from scratch
  • surprising my love with something so simple, yet so profound to him: shovelling, bringing in trash
  • tulips from mom on my snowy doorstep
  • good advice from my best friend(s)


  • being misunderstood, lectured (yep, kids, its the union again.)
  • underutilization (of talents, skills, work : self-inflicted and/or imposed)
  • mental and/or physical fog

May 18, 2008:

  • Lark:
    • going for after dinner walks, like I used to as a kid and teenager
    • a trip and long car ride with my love to look forward to
    • reconnecting with so many old friends on Facebook, seeing where they all are, how much we still remember, care for each other
    • tranquil space open house, beautiful space indeed
    • doing dishes, laundry, wiping down countertops – being grown up, finally
  • Snark:
    • working on Sunday. again
    • not having energy to call relatives, feeling guilt

May 8, 2008:

  • Lark:
    • colleagues who call you up to say “we think you’re working too much for us. we’re going to work really hard hard to give you a better draft next time.” it made me laugh but also smile because they meant it!
    • seeing my sweetie for dinner and a movie after a longggg day
  • Snark:
    • cell phones – breaking up, dying, busting, flailing, cackling
    • figuring out what to eat (every day? really?)
    • getting critiqued. by phone. late in the day. after a long week.

May 3, 2008:

  • Lark:
    • Long, hot, showers
    • fuschia, yellow, and orange tulips
    • 70 degree days and the view from the roof
  • Snark: Sunday nights. not enough hours (isn’t that always it?)

April 13, 2008:

  • Lark: The six-year-old sitting next to me on the metro, my niece, children, generally.
  • Snark: “Observations” of an unsolicited nature

April 12, 2008:

  • Lark: My tulips, learning about the “tulip garden” on the Mall.
  • Snark: Sudden Internet Death syndrome and forgetting about it so losing work.

April 11, 2008:

  • Lark: Library book sales – kids begging parents to get more books! A 50-cent bin where “the communist manifesto” can be found next to “Meditations for women who do too much” next to “Diet Pepsi Smash’s guide to pop culture
  • Snark: People who vacuum. the halls. of a coop.

April 10, 2008:

  • Lark: Stepping aside from something that was making me miserable and promised more frustration.
  • Snark: Tailgaiting walkers. Dude, get OFF me

April 9, 2008:

  • Lark: Wining, laughing, and chatting with friends and connections made at a hellatious job 5+ years ago (on a beautiful spring evening)
  • Snark: Barge-ins, pop bys, “observations” (unsolicited) at work or home

April 6, 2008:

  • Lark: Sunday mornings. Waking up with NO plans or committments but blogging, reading, writing, cleaning.
  • Snark: Sunday night. Argh, where’d Sunday go!

April 5, 2008:

  • Lark: Big talks that don’t feel Big or hard, but are important and yield closeness.
  • Snark: Being “behind” on a weekend.

April 3, 2008:

  • Lark: The flowers, trinkets, and plastic table filled with kind, warm, poetic notes for “baba” the hot-dog-cart vendor at the corner of 20th and Q, north side of the dupont circle metro, who passed away March 29 “in his truck.” “He was rich in spirit if poor in money and cared about children and animals and his family,” according to the note left by family. The man had been there forever and people’s memories honored his warm demeanor and, actually, pretty darn sound priorities.
  • Snark: Rushing. yep, my fault I know. But I hate hate hate rushing. being late. working on two many things at once. being behind before I even wake up. argh. stressed again.

April 2, 2008:

  • Lark: Getting “depuffed.” Shout out to my friend Joy for connecting me to her EXTREMELY talented neighbor and friend, Paul, a manual lymphatic drainage practitioner-in-training. I’ve tried a bazillion things for reducing the chronic lymphedema in my ankles. After one treatment from Paul I lost a half an inch around my ankle and a quarter inch at the calf and the visible difference was even more impressive. Now to maintaining! But I’m joyful that there’s possibility here.
  • Snark: The girl with the freaking gigantic pointy (and yep, ugly as all getout) bag who decided she needed to stand on top of me on the metro, positioning herself to stand so the bag was directly at my face, forcing me to move to any of the 10 billion free seats that existed. What is people’s deal with body space? why the need to cluster-fck? spread out, people! (See more metro-rants here.)

April 1, 2008:

  • Lark: Happy hours with colleagues with whom I share mutual like and respect, talking about work and life.
  • Snark: people (who regularly let their cat wander about the hallways of my coop) reporting my neighbor for leaving trash outside his apt. for a few hours. They took pictures and sent emails but never knocked on his door to mention to him.

March 31, 2008:

  • Lark: Watching the sunset over the capitol and new beautiful nats park and seeing the happy faces who didn’t care a bit how cold it was or how slow the metro was.
  • Snark: emails on the possible formation of an executive committee (long overdue) for a group that needs one that read: First, I don’t think that it should be called an ‘executive committee.’ Nothing about it seems to be a committee to me. Secondly, I think that it shouldn’t be an ‘executive’ anything.” Other than that this person loves the idea. p.s. the email went on two more pages.

For a long time now I’ve been collecting the injustices of the world. Not the big ones (murder, poverty, famine, cruelty), the little slithery, nipping ones that gnaw at your ankles: the people who stop at the bottom of escalators, the loud cell phone talkers, the gum chompers. Think Jane from “Friends with Money” who literally goes bonkers in an Old Navy because people (maybe) cut in line. Fun as these are to snarl and snark over, collecting and detailing loses its thrill pretty fast. And in truth, I have a great, rich life, with talented and loving friends and family, a job I really like that allows me the flexibility to write what I want on the side and pursue my other dreams. Besides the obvious luxuries of having a (nice newly painted!) roof over my head, enough food to eat, a chance to have acheived some of my dreams there are the smaller and just as impressive joys: losing a pound, getting moved by a sunset, a good bus conversation. So…. I had an idea. Each day (okay, realistically, as many days as I can) I’m going to post two new terms – one plus and one minus from the world around me. PLEASE let me know what you think, which one “wins” for the day. What do they have in common? What are your gripes and joys, small and large? I’ll share them in pairs and leave the whole list running, starting… now

note: shout out to my sweetie for noticing: 1) the snarks and larks were reversed and 2) I’d given away my name in my “movie bizzzz” post.

So what do you think? Like the snark, fear the lark? Hate them both? Burning need to confess your snarks/larks? Here’s your shot!

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