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Ah, the brave new media, socialmedia, twittering, pinging, digging, friending world.

Need to tell me something, share a picture, a story, be my buddy or in my network?

I thought so.

Here’s how:

  • me: Tag ANY link with for:washwords. Add me to your network. Thanks!
  • DIGG me:
    • Join Digg Digg! add their “digg” buttons to your bookmarks. Then DIGG anything on any of these pages! Please!
    • You can also add me as your Digg friend.
  • Soupy me: Go here. Click on the little heart at the bottom of the page. I’m your soupy friend. blub.
  • Be “old-fashioned”: Hey remember email? (Prefer to enter this manually? I’m (that’s washwords dot dc at gmail) I’m also (yep, you guessed it) washwords on google talk/gchat and probably the others too soon. say hello! (but I rarely sign in there so say hi here instead.) Thanks!

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3 Comments to “Connect”

  1. lacochran Says:

    Erm, I tried to e-mail you but your address in the links above gets translated into

    which isn’t a kosher address. :(

    I’m at

  2. washwords Says:

    hey lach! I THINK i fixed it (and it’s also right under the panic button you liked so much!) but just in case… I’m I put it on my posts whenever I sign in too… Thanks for working so hard at connecting and apologies to anyone who tried and didn’t get through (i kept wondering why I saw clicks on “email me” but no emails.)

  3. Corvida Says:

    Heya Ms. Anonymous šŸ˜€

    I just wanted to say thanks for joining the SheGeeks community on MyBlogLog and I hope you continue to enjoy what’s written. I’m more than open to suggestions and if you’d like to guest post sometime, I’m open to that too. :) Thanks again and stay tuned.


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