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Flashback Friday: Starring Wash E. Words

UPDATE: the movie’s outtttt. once they show crabcakes at the fish market look for meeeeee. i’m that blur of a hat zooming past, behind Russell Crowe. Aren’t I brilliant? Lotsa fun for all dc’ers. Yah, so they get a few things “wrong” but lots right, lots of shout outs: the metro, crystal city, kennedy center, a “hospital” across the street from spezie. heh. Enjoy this flashback history of Wash’s movie career


So everyone’s abuzz about the Oscars. Me, well i finally saw ONE nominee Frost/Nixon yesterday. And that’s where it happened:  a trailer for “my” movie, State of Play.

State of Play, for those new to the blog, or who somehow missed their E! update of how WW is involved in this major motion picture, event, is a new film starring Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck, based on a BBC miniseries of the same name.

And it was filmed IN DC, and, well more specifically, at WASHWORDS PAD (well okay, at a “nearby building” so near that they asked me, WW, to place lights in my window to backlight the scene! and paid me for it! so near that if a friend and I were to jump up and down behind the fake sheers they taped up to look like curtains in my living room, in our jammies, you might, just might catch a glimpse of us.)

And then, not only that, but they asked me, Washwords, to play the vital role of “Fish Market Patron” in a critical scene. I don’t want to be a spoiler or give away anything, but let’s just say … watch closely should you happen to spy a Fish Market Patron in a brown coat and adorable baseball hat-style knit cap, looking verrry cute. I mean I didn’t want to steal Russell’s moment or anything… but… talent can’t always be held back, y’know?

So look closely at this trailer below.

See the scene where Ben Affleck is being a Congressman at the CAPITOL? yah, that’s the Masonic Temple on 16th Street. See that sheer curtain over Ben’s head while Russell is yelling at him? I’m pretty sure WW might be right behind there. And see second 1:31 and then again at 1:34? It’s… the fish market!!!

Needless to say the producers didn’t want to let me be seen in a trailer but look closely, cause, I’m just about to or have just slammed right into Russell (okay, a few feet behind him) and in a later moment of cinematic glory, I’m going to … purchase some fish!!!! Really! and “fake make change with the fish monger!”

I KNOW! yah, it’s a gift. And hey, at least it seems not the entire fish market scene is cut. I have hopes.

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Love, Love, Love

Before noon today, I received surprise news concealed in a routine email – an acquaintance is engaged … and expecting!

I shouldn’t have been surprised. It capped an already happy morning. I came in early and was done what I thought would take all morning before nine, and then found a meeting canceled – happy day indeed, which, in turn, laced and tied a wonderful weekend. More than happy, it was a weekend, no a time, of love.

Saturday morning ML and I brunched with an old friend. I was blessed to grow up with “family friends” – I was probably 20 or so before I realized not everyone had this. But we did. And this friend – J – almost exactly a year younger than me has been my friend pretty literally from (her) birth. We shared a crib and a childhood at the therapeutic camp our parents ran that integrated “typical” kids and those with emotional disturbances or developmental disabilities (yessss, it was the 70s), holidays and playgrounds.  She and her family are more than friend, sometimes more than family. We spent weekends in a multi-family cabin in the Adirondacks, touring Williamsburg one year, at their community pool, after they moved to Virginia, a lifetime away then, when I was a kid.

Her dad’s calm, steady, soothing eulogy is one of the few concrete moments I can recall from my dad’s funeral when I was twelve, their support instrumental beyond measure in helping us all move beyond that day and breathe again.

J and I are both “sensitive” people, something that as anyone who has Read the rest of this entry »

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Writing to Wedding: our story

In one of the cutest durn things I’ve seen in a while, Marcy of The Glamorous Life Association orchestrated/facilitated/ PULLED off a bloggy proposal of historic proportions. Proposal 2.0… it you?

And, even better the victim/recipient/talented blogess/intended SAID YES.

Along the way, Marcy asked (all part of the ruse) for her readers’ best bloggy tales on weddings/engagements etc., which brings us, back to me. I found about all this modern weddingmaking through the back door (ooh does that make me a wedding crasher?) — through real-life/bloggy friend Meg’s retelling of her own engagement story, I found gems I never knew before. It occurred to me that although I write lots about my love, I hadn’t fully shared our story. And oh, how you all must have suffered! Well, good news, the wait is over!

Our story

My Love (let’s call him ML from now on, just to simplify) and I actually met years before we began dating, both invited to the same annual birthday gatherings of the same good friend. Over chianti and white pizza at one end of a long Read the rest of this entry »

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