Hey, remember reading?

Remember reading?

That love I used to have, devouring novels by the dozen, most lovingly at the beach, 5 p.m., on a towel, 12 years old, thumbing through the last dog-earred page of  “Gone with the Wind” – the paperback with tiny print!

ML reads. He puts me to shame, tossing back history tomes of 800 pages, noting them in his leather journal, as he has for multiple decades.

But me? Something happened somewhere along year 8 or 9 of journalism. I like BUYING books, I like reading newspaper and magazine articles and the first chapter or two of a novel but I hardly finish them anymore and I am ashamed, a shadow of my former self.

Two days ago I picked up this:

“A spot of bother” by Mark Haddon, author of “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time.” Today I’ll be done. I’m relaxed, intrigued, thinking, writing (if only in my head… for now) again.

Reading is good. I think I’ll do more of it.

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  1. [F]oxymoron said,

    Wrote on March 31, 2009 @ 8:56 pm

    I hear ya… I blame a combination of rent, booze, and school loans (you know, money borrowed for spending an endless amount of time reading things off the syllabus.

    [F]oxymorons last post: A Peep Show Around The Tidal Basin

    WW says: Right? and that’s one of the more annoying/maddening/lovable things about ML’s reading. It INCREASED during his grad school days, I swear. Also, he will pick up a slew of 10-ton works on the history of _____ (the west/ banking/the industrial revolution/everything and anything) for “fun.” I have trouble “getting through” fun stories on family dysfunction!

  2. Cyndy said,

    Wrote on March 31, 2009 @ 9:07 pm

    I love reading books and I really miss it. I had to give it up because I’m such an addict that I can’t seem to live my life in a responsible manner when I’m in the middle of reading a book. So I read magazines and blogs instead because it’s less of a time commitment. That’s pretty sad I guess.

    Cyndys last post: DC Police swarm H Street

    WW says:ha! I can totally relate and I like this excuse – sounds farrrr more noble than mine “i’m tired/lazy/would rather play round 8,742 of scramble or connect2 online.” yah, it’s cause i get TOO into books that I don’t read more. yah, yah. that’s it! definitely! thanks for stopping cyndy!

  3. zenyenta said,

    Wrote on March 31, 2009 @ 9:08 pm

    Reading is wonderful, but the internets are quite the distraction, aren’t they? I used to read as many books in a week as I read in a year now, I think. When I do get around to opening a book, I can’t stop until it’s finished, which is bad, too, when you’re supposed to be functioning.

    zenyentas last post: St. Jing-Tao-Wow Day Special Feature – Interview With Nate Peele

    WW says: oh yah, the internets. they’re dangerous and irresistible. if an hour goes by reading, I feel good. an hour of internetzing I feel sad and worried about myself. and then i do it again! X 12!

  4. meg said,

    Wrote on April 1, 2009 @ 8:44 am

    Me too! I want to add that widget. Been meaning to list my recent faves. You have inspired me Washy!

    WW says: Yaaaaaaay. DO it soupy meg! You may want to also check out: http://washwords.com/words/2009/a-few-of-my-favorite-books/ and http://washwords.com/words/2008/we-are-the-stories-we-tell/ – other washy posts on reading, inspired by others. If you join shelfari – or any of the similar facebook reading apps. lemme know, we’ll be buddies!

  5. Meg said,

    Wrote on April 1, 2009 @ 11:51 am

    PS, I own his other book (“Curious Incident”) but it didn’t GRAB me. Should I give it another try?

    Megs last post: Dressing with my eyes closed

    WW says: and YES, I hearted that book. Hearrrrrteeedd it. this one is very different. In the first he takes on the voice of an autistic, pre-teen. In the one I’m reading now, it is about a family’s dreams and disappointments and … life (a la “The Corrections” kind of). VERY different. both very good, imho. I’d be curious what you think and to hear your favorites even if/especially if they differ.

  6. washwords said,

    Wrote on April 1, 2009 @ 2:35 pm

    Thanks all for your words on reading. I’d love to hear what books DID make you stop functioning – they were that good and addictive, recent or long ago. Bloggy book club anyone?


  7. Some guy named "me" said,

    Wrote on April 3, 2009 @ 11:58 am

    No, no. You give ML too much credit. His reading did not increase during grad school. He read what was assigned, and he read lots of reviews, but he couldn’t even pick up a magazine for two years. There was a three month recovery period between being handed a degree and willfully reading a book of his own choosing!

    WW says: Some Guy – (can i call you SG?) – I dunno why you always gotta be hating on ML. You two must put aside your differences and learn to get along. I do believe I remember the Recovery Period, but still… even in the “hiatus” he was reading more than me in full reading mode. Till now. I need to get me one of them thar books for recordin my readings in! Any tips on where to go? (besides the night-table).

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