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Hey, remember reading?

Remember reading?

That love I used to have, devouring novels by the dozen, most lovingly at the beach, 5 p.m., on a towel, 12 years old, thumbing through the last dog-earred page of  “Gone with the Wind” – the paperback with tiny print!

ML reads. He puts me to shame, tossing back history tomes of 800 pages, noting them in his leather journal, as he has for multiple decades.

But me? Something happened somewhere along year 8 or 9 of journalism. I like BUYING books, I like reading newspaper and magazine articles and the first chapter or two of a novel but I hardly finish them anymore and I am ashamed, a shadow of my former self.

Two days ago I picked up this:

“A spot of bother” by Mark Haddon, author of “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time.” Today I’ll be done. I’m relaxed, intrigued, thinking, writing (if only in my head… for now) again.

Reading is good. I think I’ll do more of it.

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DC Blogs noted… March 27

Friday is DCblogsin day… I recommend you go there – DCblogs – EVERY day; it’s first on my blog list… but here’s a few sneak previews from today’s blogs…..

Hey, did you know you could find out the time your next bus arrives via a Metro beta test that’s ummm working NOW? Well, ya can and some officials are telling WMATA not to be squeamish about the surprise pre-release party. Greater Greater Washington lays it all out for you. Zimmerman urges Metro to embrace “beta testing”

Riders will access the information on the Web, via mobile devices, or by calling a hotline. Metro staff plan to release the service in June, but it’s been working, and many riders had found it quite useful and most often accurate.

Crazy Days and Nights says Washington DC Is The New Los Angeles. Like, totally. Let’s go clubbing.

The Culture Wars shares a subway platform with Britney fans. The Culture Wars.: It’s Britney, B*tch: Yes, this is what one does before a concert.

Cheers, happy Friday, and goooooo CUSE.

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Writing to Wedding: our story

In one of the cutest durn things I’ve seen in a while, Marcy of The Glamorous Life Association orchestrated/facilitated/ PULLED off a bloggy proposal of historic proportions. Proposal 2.0… it you?

And, even better the victim/recipient/talented blogess/intended SAID YES.

Along the way, Marcy asked (all part of the ruse) for her readers’ best bloggy tales on weddings/engagements etc., which brings us, back to me. I found about all this modern weddingmaking through the back door (ooh does that make me a wedding crasher?) — through real-life/bloggy friend Meg’s retelling of her own engagement story, I found gems I never knew before. It occurred to me that although I write lots about my love, I hadn’t fully shared our story. And oh, how you all must have suffered! Well, good news, the wait is over!

Our story

My Love (let’s call him ML from now on, just to simplify) and I actually met years before we began dating, both invited to the same annual birthday gatherings of the same good friend. Over chianti and white pizza at one end of a long Read the rest of this entry »

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