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Haiku Friday: Technical Support

Haiku Friday

Three keys we had cut
Three keys, and not a one, here
Found!! and yet…. one lock: broke

The couch makes the room
Chocolate brown, it’s ours, for real
Then – heart and it, sunk!

Sure, it can be fixed
or, we’ll get our money back
yet i crave perfect

laptop replacement
new work machines: fast, sleek, new
i liked the old one

Still, the day has come
new laptop, new world arise
I’m 50th from last

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No time to write? Try 60 second doses.

Okay, so usually I’ve been told, have benefitted from, and would recommend 60 MINUTE doses (or at least 10 minutes). Still, there’s something to even shorter spurts for kicking up ideas even when you’re feeling none.

And the lovely site, the One-Minute Writer, makes it easy, complete with a timer to track the seconds for you.

I tried this one Today’s Writing Prompt: Walls but the whole site is wonderful. And speaking of wonderful, so is the WordPress plug-in scrippets





This box holds my lovely heart.


The box is lovely. It is red and glass and catches the light. It is safe.


But the heart is inside. Inside is the rich, warm, fleshy love.


Careful. You have to be careful. You’ll break it without the box


It’s only the box that could break. It’s the box that is made of glass,threatening shards of red and glass that prickle and stab that heart.


Not if you don’t move it. Ever. Never ever open or adjust it.


If you don’t move it, it cannot breathe and it will die.


Still. Safe.


And dead.

What walls do I want to knock down?

The jagged glass ones that seduce and appeal and dazzle and, on occasion, choke my heart.

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Starring Wash E. Words as herself

So everyone’s abuzz about the Oscars. Me, well i finally saw ONE nominee Frost/Nixon yesterday. And that’s where it happened:  a trailer for “my” movie, State of Play.

State of Play, for those new to the blog, or who somehow missed their E! update of how WW is involved in this major motion picture, event, is a new film starring Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck, based on a BBC miniseries of the same name.

And it was filmed IN DC, and, well more specifically, at WASHWORDS PAD (well okay, at a “nearby building” so near that they asked me, WW, to place lights in my window to backlight the scene! and paid me for it! so near that if a friend and I were to jump up and down behind the fake sheers they taped up to look like curtains in my living room, in our jammies, you might, just might catch a glimpse of us.)

And then, not only that, but they asked me, Washwords, to play the vital role of “Fish Market Patron” in a critical scene. I don’t want to be a spoiler or give away anything, but let’s just say … watch closely should you happen to spy a Fish Market Patron in a brown coat and adorable baseball hat-style knit cap, looking verrry cute. I mean I didn’t want to steal Russell’s moment or anything… but… talent can’t always be held back, y’know?

So look closely at this trailer below.

See the scene where Ben Affleck is being a Congressman at the CAPITOL? yah, that’s the Masonic Temple on 16th Street. See that sheer curtain over Ben’s head while Russell is yelling at him? I’m pretty sure WW might be right behind there. And see second 1:31 and then again at 1:34? It’s… the fish market!!!

Needless to say the producers didn’t want to let me be seen in a trailer but look closely, cause, I’m just about to or have just slammed right into Russell (okay, a few feet behind him) and in a later moment of cinematic glory, I’m going to … purchase some fish!!!! Really! and “fake make change with the fish monger!”

I KNOW! yah, it’s a gift. And hey, at least it seems not the entire fish market scene is cut. I have hopes.

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