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The Return of Snark v Lark

Snark V Lark returns today, form of

Grace in small things

Check it out.

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Winter comes to washington.

The car breaking down, the writing I have (and want) to do, feeling less blah and more superstar at work, not reacting to perceived injustices with emotion and drama? I’m working on these.

But shovelling? That I can do.

[Mr. Moon, DonCsabito on flickr]

It takes me home, to my youth, to my first quasi-grown-up experience: college with my green snap-together plastic shovel in my Nissan Maxima station wagon trunk, digging MYSELF out, getting my own snow tires (or not), falling for the “winterizing package” at Jiffy Lube.

But shovelling? Shovelling is home. When it’s powdery bluewhite crystal, and swishes off the plastic and crinkles under your toes? A chill in your nose, but the light from the house warming your path, showing you are not far from your long winter’s nap.

Winter walking? the whoosh whoosh crunch of the still blue night and my boots and mittens swishing and stretching. That is home and it is a good one.

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25 things about me (and you)

So the latest Facebook chain mail goes something like this : Here’s 25 random things about me. If I tagged you, it means I want to know 25 things about you.

About two zillion of my closest friends fill one out.

Being a 12-year-old girl at heart (not even very thinly veiled most times) I’m one for playing along, but I decided to add a twist: why not take a thing or two from 25 of the friends who filled one out and tagged me, and see where that leads me? So I did. and it led to fun, which made me think: why not post it here even though some of you still don’t know my full identity… won’t that add just one more layer of intrigue. And really, won’t 25 random things about washwords really tell you all you need to know about me. For the privacy of my (mostly innocent) friends, first names only…

1) Emilywrites: My family all lives in CT now. Even though we all used to live in Syracuse, NY and my parents aren’t even married anymore. I think it is pretty remarkable that we live so close by.

I say: My sister and her family (most notably, baby bucket), my two grandmothers, my fiance and his mom and sister all live in metro DC area. I too think it’s pretty crazy. I also think it’s cool that Emily loves books on the Plague.

2) Amanda says: my own herb garden last summer was the first time I was able to keep a plant alive!

I say: I was once cast from the community garden I joined and loved. Something about not weeding. Harumph. I weeded just fine. (and grew beautiful tomatoes and tulips and mint and lettuce and…)

3) Suz says: I grew up in South Florida and had assumed that’s why I’m always cold. But then an Read the rest of this entry »

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