Dying to know … DC oddities d’jour

So I’m just wondering…

  • What happened to the crazy mccrazyton at the Dupont Metro round about 12:50 p.m. today (Weds)? She was screaming that some tourists had videoed her and that was a violation of civil rights and she wants the tape and call the police and help. Two metro station managers were on the case. I had to go back to work, couldn’t stay and snoop, but the poor Mrs. Tourist looked very unhappy. Poor thing.
  • Did my pals waiting to go camping who had set up shop with their foldable chairs, snacks, and all, outside my office ever catch their ride?
  • Why do people feel a need to powerwash the sidewalks on H Street (H street for cryin out loud) EVERY day?  And if they must, is morning (walking) rush hour really the best time for that? I’m just sayin.
  • Did the verrrry loud girl on the phone who plopped herself right up close to the friendly looking fellow reading his book on a Dupont bench at lunch really not see him? or me? or just didn’t care? There were plenty o other spots to sit.
  • Why is the one part of Fox and Hounds always jammed packed and the other one deserted? They’re the same thing right?

Anyone with the answer to these or other DC mysteries, please get in touch. Thanks ever so!

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